The Lake



The Golden Carp Lake, known locally as Étang de la Carpe d'Or, is a spring-fed fourteen-acre sand quarry that was abandoned and flooded in the late 1970's.


Set in unspoilt woodland the lake is situated within secure and fenced grounds of twenty acres in the north of the Dordogne.


It caters comfortably for six anglers, and features three double swims, two single swims, as well as the “Cabin Swim” (for two anglers and two guests, with a private plunge pool, and accommodation for four). Central to our three double swims is “The Lodge”, a communal entertainment area with a summer kitchen and eating area, splash pool, wet room shower and toilet facilities, and a separate ladies toilet.


WIFI access is available across the whole site including swims.


All of the swims have been purpose-built with a mud-free gravelled surface, with boat ramp and stepped access to the water. All swims have vehicle access for loading and unloading your gear.


We strongly recommend use of rod pods, as the ground on the swims is exceptionally hard.


Boats with oars and life jackets are included with every booking,


Depths range from a foot, to around 14 feet, with an average depth of around 7 feet. Water levels can drop around 3 feet due to the sunshine and hot weather that is associated with this part of France. However, the lake remains fishable throughout the year, with good catches still being made well into December.

Features include three islands, reed-lined banks, drop-offs and a few angler-friendly snags.

Aerators located at either end of the lake provide a constant flow of oxygen for our ever-growing stock of fish.


Unlike the majority of French waters, we have no crayfish or poisson chat.