• We operate a strict No-Kill policy. No fish are to be killed or removed from our lake


  • No striking into fish.


  • Maximum six anglers, and THREE RODS PER ANGLER allowed (excluding fourth rod optional extra)


  • The Golden Carp Lake is a closed water, therefore no French fishing license is required


  • All nets must be a minimum of 42” wide, with small or micro-mesh, and MUST be disinfected with the provided disinfectant spray, or in the net-dip station, on arrival


  • No unattended rods. Anglers must remain within a minimum of 50m of their own or their partner's rods at all times. The Lodge is within this distance from all of the double swims, so there is no need to reel in for meals etc.


  • Minimum 18lbs mono line, strictly NO BRAIDED MAINLINE


  • Clients are reminded not to put any bait or food of any description in the stock pond, and that anyone found fishing in the stock pond will be removed from the site immediately, and forfeit their deposit. The stock pond is under 24hr video surveillance.


  • Please weigh and photograph all carp, irrespective of size, for our records


  • Swims all include free use of a boat (with oars and lifejacket), carp cradle, recovery sling, and a weigh tripod, for which safety deposit of 100€/£100 per angler is required and payable upon your arrival.


  • All tackle, motors, and batteries, must be returned to the Lodge, in a clean and dry condition, at the end of your stay.


  • Swims must be free of all rubbish (pieces of line, bits of bait, cigarette butts, etc.) before you leave.


  • Please clean and empty boats of dirt and water before leaving.


  • All provided tackle will be inspected with you upon arrival and before your departure. Please thoroughly inspect these items on arrival, as any damage/breakages will be charged at a direct-replacement rate.


  • Life jackets MUST be worn at all times when using boats. NO EXCEPTIONS


  • For insurance reasons,minors under the age of 18 are not allowed to use boats.


  • Recovery slings, supplied by us, are only to be used to rest fishwhile setting up cameras, cradles, etc.


  • Cradles and slings need to be kept wet at all times. Please change the water in the cradles and buckets regularly.


  • In warmer weather, particularly during the summer months, no fish are to be brought out of the water onto the bank. Fish are to remain in/over the water at all times, day or night, for weighing and photographing.


  • Fish are to be released as soon as possible, and in water deep enough to prevent them from injury. Waders are provided for this purpose at both the Lodge and Cabin.


  • Carp sacks and the sacking of carp is STRICTLY forbidden


  • Recognised Carp-Care kits are COMPULSARY and to be supplied by the angler, minimum one kit per swim. This will be checked upon arrival.


  • ALL hook holds, injuries, etc. must be treated, regardless how minor.


  • Micro-barbed hooks only. Barbless hooks are STRICTLY forbidden


  • Maximum size 2 hooks


  • Braided mainline and rigs, as well as lead core leaders, are STRICTLY forbidden


  • Rig tubing or leaders (Nash TT Diffusion Camo leader etc.) of a minimum of 50cmare COMPULSARY


  • Only coated braid or fluorocarbonto be used for rigs


  • Drop-off lead systems ONLY. This does NOT include traditionally mounted inline leads.


  • We regularly carry out rig checks, and apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.


  • We reserve the right to disallow use of certain types/qualities of baits, and associated products. To avoid any inconvenience, please check with us before your arrival.


  • Nuts (and nut products), particle baits (except sweetcorn and hemp), as well as ALL PLASTIC BAITS, are STRICTLY forbidden


Failure to conform to these conditions may result in you and your group being asked to leave the site, without a refund, as well as your safety deposit being withheld.

Thank you for your understanding!