Having fed and supplied Sticky Baits boilies at the lake for the last six years, the Sticky boilie range has proven time after time to be the most successful and productive bait to use.


Coupled with our specially formulated lake pellet, and a dousing of a corresponding glug, this combination consistently produces bites compared to other products.


We go through an average of four tonnes of pellet per year, including feeding during our closed season, so the carp have definitely developed a taste for it!


That being said, and again with our strong recommendation to use Sticky boilies, we do allow the use of other recognised and commercially packaged boilies of a high quality (please check with us directly before turning up!)


Please note that we do not allow plastic baits of any description, or the use of maize, or any nuts or nut products as either hook baits or loose feed.


We carry a decent stock of baits throughout the year, but please contact us at least six weeks before your arrival for large bait orders.


  • Sticky Baits Products


5kg Krill or Manilla 20mm €60

5kg Krill or Manilla 24mm €60

1kg Ready-Glugged Krill or Manilla 20mm €20

1kg Ready-Glugged Krill or Manilla 24mm €20

Pot 20mm Krill or Manilla Hard Hookers €10

1l Jerry Cloudy Krill or Manilla Glug €15


  • Lake Pellet


5kg Lake Pellet 15mm €15

25kg Lake Pellet 15mm €65