• Clients wishing to leave before 7am are kindly reminded that all of our equipment must be returned on the evening prior to their departure (including the cleaning of the facilities, bivvies, boats and swims), and that they will not be allowed to fish for the remaining night. Safety deposits will be refunded within one working week, following a full inspection of the site after your departure.
  • For your safety, our site, parking areas, swims, and all of our installations are covered by CCTV
  • All fishing packages are to be paid in full upon arrival, and before going to your swim
  • Vehicles are allowed on the designated parking areas opposite the swims, for loading and unloading only. Please ensure they are moved to the main parking area immediately after unloading your gear, and before setting up your swim.
  • DO NOT drive or park on the grass.
  • Clients are reminded not to put any bait or food of any description in the stock pond, and that anyone found fishing in the stock pond will be removed from the site immediately, and forfeit their deposit. The stock pond is under 24hr video surveillance.
  • All carp, irrespective of size, must be weighed and photographed for our records
  • The Cabin and Lodge are provided for your comfort, and to store your food and belongings. Please ensure they remain tidy throughout your stay, and that they are left as you found them when you leave. Guests will be charged for any damages to these areas and/or a cleaning fee if warranted.
  • An inventory of all appliances, and cutlery, glassware, etc. is provided for you to check and sign, on arrival. Any breakages, or “missing” items, at the end of your stay, will be charged at a direct-replacement rate.
  • The toilet and shower facilities are available to all guests 24/7. Please keep these areas tidy.
  • A squeegee is provided in the Lodge wet room. Please ensure you remove any excess water on the floor after use.
  • Anglers are expected to bring their own toilet rolls and black bin bags for the duration of their stay.
  • Use of the swimming pools is at your own risk, and we decline any responsibility for any personal injury that may occur from misuse of this, or any other of our facilities.
  • Minors must be supervised by an adult at all times while on site, particularly if using the swimming pools.
  • Pool skimmer nets are provided at the Lodge and Cabin, please ensure that you remove debris (grass, bugs, etc) on a daily basis.
  • Weather permitting, Thursday is our general maintenance day, which includes grass cutting (mowing and strimming), and pool cleaning. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • Swims all include free use of a two-man bivvy, boat (with oars and lifejacket), carp cradle, refresher bucket, weigh sling, and a weigh Tripod, for which safety deposit of 300€/£300 per swim is required and payable upon your arrival.

  • All tackle (excluding bivvies), bait boats, motors, and batteries, must be returned to the Lodge, in a clean and dry condition, at the end of your stay.
  • Swims must be free of all rubbish (pieces of line, bits of bait, cigarette butts, etc.) before you leave.
  • Bivvies to be left clean and empty upon departure. A sweeping brush and mop is provided at the Lodge.
  • Boats must be cleaned and emptied of water before leaving.
  • All tackle will be inspected with you upon arrival and before your departure and any and all damage/breakages will be charged at a direct-replacement rate. THIS INCLUDES NETS AND NET MESH.
  • Smoking, gas stoves, and naked flame heaters, are forbidden in the bivvies
  • Etang de la Carpe d'Or is a fishery, not to be confused with a campsite, picnic area, etc. Swims and site facilities are provided for anglers and their guests ONLY.
  • Guests (MAXIMUM 1 per angler and agreed at the time of your booking by the owner) charged at current rate* for use of the facilities
  • Any items of angling equipment (carry-alls, rod holders, bait etc) must be kept on swims, and NOT in the Lodge.
  • If required, a second bivvy pitch (camo, khaki, or green bivvies only - with the prior consent of the owner) is charged at the current rate*
  • For larger groups and families, check out our “Cabin Option”
  • VISITORS and PETS are not allowed
  • No swimming in the lake under any circumstance.
  • No fires BY LAW
  • BBQ's outside of Lodge or Cabin terrace are STRICTLY forbidden
  • Rubbish/recycling bins (black for food waste, yellow for recycling, and green for glass) are provided in the Chalet and Lodge. The emptying of these is the anglers’ responsibility. Containers are situated opposite the roadside lake entrance. No rubbish sacks on the swims please.
  • Drug use and alcohol abuse WILL NOT be tolerated, and failure to respect this rule may result in immediate expulsion from the site of both you AND YOUR ENTIRE PARTY, with no refund
  • We run a family site, so please adapt behaviour and language accordingly

Failure to conform to these conditions may result in you and your group being asked to leave the site, without a refund, as well as your safety deposit being withheld.

Thank you for your understanding!