Prises Récentes

 April 2018 - April 2019 Summary (updated 05/05/2019)

The lake average from April 2018- April 2019 is currently around 13.8kg/30lbs.

In the last year, up to April this year (2019), a total of 31 different fish from 20kg/44lbs to 27.8kgs/62lbs have been caught.

A known mirror of 27kg/59.4lbs and a new mirror of 27.5kg/60.5lbs were also landed.

The big common (last out at 71lb / 32kg) and mirror are still swimming around, but have yet to be successfully landed.

Nine new fish, from 21kgs/46.2lbs to 27.8kgs/62lbs were stocked in December 2018.


A total of 120 fish under 11kgs/25lbs have been removed from the main lake, into the stock ponds.


***Estimated fish stock is around 280 fish from 25lbs to 70+lbs!***


The "Big Common" was hooked, but not landed, twice over this period. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember that the boats are there to be used, and that fish can be netted on the water!

The new stock pond is now up and running, and numerous smaller fish of 10-25lbs have been relocated, although some are unfortunately still present in the main lake for now.

Our stocking for 2019 was unbelievable, with some absolute stunners going in, CHECK THEM OUT BELOW!!

We also introduced "Bob" a 1m90 +/- 80lb catfish in, to help with the smaller fish coming through!