Swim One "The Bay"


Swim One "The Bay", which is the closest swim to the island, is a double swim that caters for two anglers. It allows fishing of the sandy bay and big-fish hang-out that gives this swim it's name, the entrance to "The Aquarium" (known for holding masses of fish), the deeper channel of the bay (6'6"/200cm deep), as well as the right-hand side of "The Pine", where some of the lake's heaviest subjects have been caught. Depths vary from 1' (30cm) to around 6'6" (200cm).

"VIP Bank" swims all include free use of a Nash Titan two-man bivvy, Nash Entity landing net, Nash Globetrotter carp cradle, Nash Kaptive Retainer XL sling, and a Nash Weigh Tripod (A safety deposit of 300€ is required and payable upon your arrival on site for tackle use)

Temporary vehicle access for unloading and loading gear. Wheelchair users and disabled anglers have full vehicle access for the duration of their stay*, and all of our "VIP Bank" swims are wheelchair friendly.

  • Guests (maximum 1 per angler and agreed at the time of your booking by the owner) charged at 70€/week for use of the facilities
  • If required, a second bivvy pitch (camo, khaki, or green bivvies only - with the prior consent of the owner) is charged at 55€/week

Access to our site and swims is from 12am on the day of your arrival, and all swims MUST be vacated by 11am, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, on the day of departure

*No vehicle movements are allowed between 7pm and 9am without prior consent